B2B Integration

Increasing revenue, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs

Digital transformation is more than a marketing buzzword. Change and innovation are happening across all industries and businesses of all sizes. Businesses are shifting how they interact with clients and the speed at which they deliver products and services to market.

Much of the innovation is driven by enterprises being able to automate and orchestrate business transactions across large end-to-end processes that extend beyond enterprise boundaries.

B2B integration connects enterprises with multiple external entities including suppliers, distributors, partners, and clients, and as such, having a modern B2B infrastructure is critical to supporting digital transformation while increasing revenue, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs.

IBM offers B2B integration software in local, hybrid or cloud deployment models to fit the needs of each customer, and provide the most effective solution for your business.

IBM B2B Integration Solutions

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IBM B2B Integrator

Use this security-rich solution to integrate complex B2B processes across your community of trading partners while you improve availability and disaster recovery.

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IBM Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN)

IBM Supply Chain Business Network provides a single, flexible B2B platform that supports most communication protocols, helps secure your B2B network and data and achieve high availability operations. 

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IBM File Gateway

One solution to help you consolidate disparate file transfer activity and facilities, making them easier to integrate with your internal systems.

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IBM Transformation Extender (ITX)

This solution enables your organization to integrate industry-based customer, supplier and business partner transactions across the enterprise.

Related solutions

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IBM Transformation Extender Advanced (ITXA)

ITX Advanced is the next evolution of the IBM Universal Transformation strategy for transforming documents. It contains modular, comprehensive solutions that are based on industry standards.

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IBM Gentran Integration Suite

IBM Gentran is a point product intended to address one need – the translation of inbound and outbound B2B files and messages.