IBM API Connect

API management solution covering essential aspects of its lifecycle


Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the "digital glue" that unites services, applications, sensors and mobile devices to create attractive customer experiences and help businesses access new market opportunities. They allow you to put new digital services on the market, open new revenue channels and exceed customer expectations.
IBM API Connect is an
API management suite that covers key aspects of the API life cycle, in both local and cloud environments, providing the ability to create, execute, manage and protect APIs and microservices .
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Benefits of API Connect:

  • Create high-quality, scalable, and secure APIs for application servers, databases, business service  busses (ESBs), and mainframes in minutes.

  • Take advantage of the built-in toolset to create, debug, and deploy APIs and microservices using  Node.js or Java.

  • Create and manage portals that allow developers to quickly discover and consume APIs , securely  access business data, and monitor APIs to improve performance.

  • Administrators can manage the security and governance of APIs and microservices . The IT department  can define and execute API policies to protect background information assets and comply with  regulatory and regulatory provisions.

Designed for organizations that want to speed up their transition to the economy API, IBM API Connect  is a complete management solution that addresses the four aspects of the API life cycle: create, execute,  manage and protect. This makes IBM API Connect far more cost effective than more limited point  solutions, which focus only on some phases of the lifecycle and can end up costing much more as  organizations unite the various components.

Features of API Connect include:

  • A complete experience integrated throughout the APIs lifecycle, including the creation of  microservices and APIs, reducing costs and simplifying application development.

  • Creation and discovery of automated APIs f rom registration systems to speed up marketing.

  • A self-service approach to APIs to accelerate discovery and consumption by developers, while  providing security and governance controls for IT operations.

  • Unified management and management of Node.js and Java, plus support for multiple development  languages and infrastructures to improve developer productivity and reduce reliance on central IT.

  • Hybrid Coud license for platform flexibility and lower cost of ownership.

Anatomy of the IBM API Connect Cloud.

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