IBM DataPower Gateway

Optimize cross-channel access with specially created gateways

IBM DataPower Gateway is a single multi-channel gateway that helps provide security, control, integration and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API), service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads. It enables you to rapidly expand the scope of valuable IT assets to new channels—giving customers, employees and partners access to critical resources. It is available in the following form factors: physical, virtual, cloud, Linux* and Docker. 
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  *Linux support is available on Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux x86-64 platforms.

Top Features of IBM DataPower Gateway:

A single purpose-built gateway.

  • Secure, control and accelerate API, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud workloads using single purpose-built gateways.

  • Provides a mobile gateway solution to secure, integrate, control and optimize access to web, native and hybrid mobile applications, including those developed for IBM MobileFirst platforms. 

  • Offers a highly secure API gateway as a component of the IBM API Connect solution, which allows you to secure, control, publish, monitor and manage your APIs. 

  • Secures, integrates, controls and manages SOA workloads in the DMZ and trusted zones. 

  • Extends connectivity and integration beyond the enterprise with DMZ-ready B2B edge capabilities. 

  • Simplifies web security with a single, purpose-built gateway; controls traffic and accelerates delivery for intranet and internet web applications. 

  • Delivers through bare-metal, elastic cloud platforms and Docker for cloud workloads.

Converged policy enforcement and advanced security.

  • Simplify infrastructure, reduce costs and eliminate siloed islands of security with converged policy enforcement and advanced security across all channels and workloads. 

  • Offers highly scalable reverse proxy for traditional web access management security and protection of mobile applications using context-based access policies from IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) for mobile or ISAM for web—with single sign-on, advance session management, identity assurance and multi-factor access policy enforcement. 

  • Provides high-speed any-to-any message transformation, transport protocol bridging, database connectivity, mainframe connectivity and content-based routing to more quickly and securely connect service consumers to providers.

  • Enables traffic control, including flexible rate limiting and service-level agreement (SLA) enforcement. It provides centralized service governance and SLA management throughintegration with IBM WebSphere® Service Registry and Repository and IBM API Connect. 

  • Uses advanced routing, intelligent load distribution and high-speed XML, JSON and binary transformation capabilities.

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Use a DataPower gateway to standardize security policies and eradicate security silos.

A purpose-built, DMZ-ready and extensible platform.

  • Lower total cost of ownership with a purpose-built, DMZ-ready and extensible platform that enables business agility, physical security, drop-in deployment and simplified management. 

  • Uses a flexible architecture to offer a rich set of functionality in a single platform. Licensable software modules can be added as your business needs change. 

  • Provides a purpose-built two-unit-high density rack mount design that delivers a hardened platform with security features that include an intrusion detection and a trusted platform module. 

  • Includes a hardware cryptography accelerator card to improve performance of transport layer security (TLS) and message level security processing. 

  • Reduces user-perceived latency and scales backend infrastructure with wire-speed JSON, XML, REST, SOAP processing along with intelligent load distribution and response caching.

Cloud and Docker support.

  • Experience rapid time to value with a set of built-in security, traffic management, mediation and acceleration policies, and standardized patterns for common scenarios. 

  • Provision and deploy IBM DataPower Gateway as a Docker container for enhanced portability and elasticity on cloud and microservice platforms. 

  • Integrate IBM DataPower Gateway with Gemalto Network HSM to deliver strong key management and security-rich crypto operations for securing access to mission-critical applications and meeting industry compliance and standard requirements. 

  • Deploy IBM DataPower Gateway in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) cloud virtual server (Amazon/SoftLayer) for increased cloud elasticity. 

  • Run IBM DataPower Gateway in Microsoft Azure for increased cloud security and hybrid cloud integration to on-premises applications protected using Kerberos security.

IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard.

  • Help accelerate problem determination and resolution with IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard designed for centralized troubleshooting and near real-time operational visibility to your IBM DataPower infrastructure. 

  • View transactions and services on a self-service console that delivers quick visibility into service availability. 

  • Use the full-text search on the customizable dashboards to obtain fast results and isolate unstable components. 

  • Meet enterprise compliance and service level agreements (SLA) with ad hoc or scheduled reports, such as chargeback reporting, to help ensure that SLAs are met—security events and configuration can be also be examined.

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