IBM File
Transfer  Service

Reduce the costs and complexity of B2B file exchanges

IBM File Transfer Service is a cloud-based managed file transfer solution for business-to-business (B2B) interactions. It lets you manage a single, security-rich, highly reliable connection between you and your B2B partners. IBM File Transfer Service offers an alternative to more expensive on-premise software while helping to reduce the operational impact on your technology staff.

The cloud allows you to do more with less – minimize the strain on IT personnel, simplify capacity planning, and reduce capital expenditures on new software and infrastructure. With IBM File Transfer Service you can refocus internal IT resources to services which are priorities to the business and offload your partner setup and support activities to skilled professionals. Delays also cost you money. With the online visibility tool you can monitor file transfers to help avoid delays and critical process disruptions.

With IBM File Transfer Service, you can consolidate redundant file transfer servers, software, and partner connections, and leverage IBM’s expertise and experience to optimize the delivery of your B2B file transfers. Automation, protocol conversion, and file transfer capabilities combine to streamline your file transfer processes. Real time tracking, reports, and audit data help you meet corporate, industry, and regulatory requirements and remedy transfer issues.

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IBM File Transfer Service provides you access to the technology and resources necessary to respond to global trading partner expectations and market conditions. This helps you respond to the demand for new partners/ connections in order to get products and services to market more quickly.



  • Reduce IT operational and infrastructure costs with secure cloud  file transfers

  • Reduce B2B file transfer complexity with tolos and services to support and manage trading partners

  • Grow your business by leveraging scalable B2B file transfer infrastructure and support services

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