IBM Financial Transaction Manager

  Process, monitor, track and report on financial payments
and transactions

IBM Financial Transaction Manager integrates, manages and monitors financial transactions .
It delivers consistent processing across multiple payment types, enabling banks and financial institutions
to converge their payment operations onto a single platform. IBM Financial Transaction Manager can accelerate the delivery of improved financial products and services to customers.

IBM Financial Transaction offers the following features:


Provides extensive prebuilt, industry-standard capabilities.

  • Offers optional Corporate Payment Services feature for customer on boarding, transaction ingestion, management and distribution, providing overall financial governance. 

  • Works with optional SEPA Services feature to support processing of SEPA transactions to enable financial institutions to comply with SEPA rules and extend SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) capabilities to their clients. 

  • Provides an optional ACH Services feature with prebuilt support for processing North American ACH transactions including ingestion, validation, management and distribution. Includes an optional Check Services, that renovates, replaces, and renews legacy check processing while lowering costs of operations, improving performance, and developing the ability to offer new and improved products.

Offers a single, extensible platform to converge payments processing.

  • Provides common integration capabilities for managing financial transactions. Works with the ISO 20022 industry standard to aid integration with back-office processing. 

  • Includes an operational database to track status and integrate with enterprise data management solutions for archival purposes. 

  • Provides client and entitlement configuration, transaction ingestion, risk management and distribution along with settlement accounting and granular billing.

Lowers operational risk

  • Facilitates the use of a common set of rules for addressing AML (anti-money laundering), Dodd-Frank risk management, and other regulations

  • Uses industry standards to aid compliance efforts and help meet regulatory requirements.

  • Built on IBM’s industry leading middleware to provide quality and consistency of service.

  • Allows for risk management across multiple payment channels. 

Improves business agility.

  • Facilitates an incremental approach to system transformation, allowing projects to reuse relevant assets.

  • Combines pre-built functionality and a build your own approach. 

  • Achieves a strategic vision through a progressive cadence of projects that deliver value at each step.

  • Enables financial institutions to create new and differentiated products.

Shortens time to market.

  • Provides fast access to a preinstalled instance of the Financial Transaction Manager product suite. 

  • Accelerates experimentation and innovation.

  • Promotes collaboration across stakeholders.


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