IBM Watson
Commerce Insights

Gain actionable insight to customer behavior and business performance

IBM Watson Commerce Insights empowers online and retail merchandisers, category managers, and marketers to manage their omnichannel business and customer engagement, both in-store and online. It provides insights into business performance with an "Insights Assistant“ that leverages AI to provide provide notifications to merchandisers, identifying abnormal business conditions (revenue, margin) that need attention, along with supporting evidence and recommended actions.

IBM Watson Commerce Insights is compatible with commerce, order management, inventory and digital analytics platforms, giving broader visibility to business performance making it easy for brands to curate actionable insights from multiple data sources. Storefront features including promotions, ads, products, e-marketing spots and store navigation are also visible and fully functional to give merchandisers an easy way to identify if product information (for example, images, copy, prices, or badges) are correct and sequenced properly. This store view also includes the ability to use menu navigation, category navigation and filters, and site search allowing deep and rapid analysis of storefront content and performance.

 View product and category performance in context of how your shoppers see products and take direct merchandising action.


Online merchandisers can quickly and easily drill down into the details of categories and campaigns to view metrics like orders, sales and revenue, to view product level details including inventory positions and performance and to take direct and immediate merchandising action from any insight gleaned. With in context store preview capabilities, online merchandisers can immediately see the impact of their actions on the customer experience.

With the Watson Commerce Insights integration framework, data from third party software providers is available to merchandisers directly in the Watson Commerce Insights experience. Merchandisers no longer need to switch between systems to gain insight from different types and sources of information impacting customer behavior and business performance. For example, you can integrate competitive intelligence, customer loyalty and store data provided by IBM business partners directly into your Watson Commerce Insights experience, making it faster and easier to gain insight and take merchandising action.


  • Deep insights into customer online behavior and real-time reaction to marketing and merchandising tactics.

  • Root causes for under-performing products and categories not just “What” but “Why”.

  • Integrated view of all data that helps to identify anomalies in product performance .

  • Suggested actions tailored to the business role and situation. 

  • A single point of access to take direct action and quickly respond to market conditions.

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