File Transfer

Increase security, reliability, and file transfer management

To successfully adapt to evolving business needs, companies rely heavily on overcoming the flow of critical file information. In order for business processes to run smoothly, they must have secure, consistent and regulatory-compliant file transfers . In addition, their globally dispersed teams must have fast and reliable data exchange, regardless of their size, to allow real-time project collaboration. IBM MFT enables enterprises to increase security, reliability and management of critical file transfers .

“Where is my file?” is the most asked question of the file transfer operations team. Whoever has to answer that question for the internal or external user needs actionable information tailored to their roles. IBM MFT provides different views for I.T. op erations, line-of-business and governance-risk-compliance users.

Customized dashboards, alerts and reporting keep these users from sifting through the 1000’s of events that are happening right now, to focus on the critical events that impact a key SLA, or policy deviation. This level of visibility and governance is what makes the difference between a happy customer and an escalation or missed SLA. 

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The IBM Managed File Transfer Suite

The combination of IT trends like big data/analytics, cloud, social and mobile are creating a new set of challenges for managed file transfer. There is hyper-growth in file sizes/volumes as well as in the number of end-points/devices. As files get larger, the times to move them over global distances becomes longer and longer.

All these increased demands for file transfer come at a time of heightened security concerns. Tighter security policies and compliance requirements demand better governance over file exchange. These three key disruptors; hyper-growth, the need for speed, and better governance are driving a change in Managed File Transfer as you know it.


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IBM Connect:Direct

Designed to automate and increase the security and reliability of application integration transfers. 

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IBM File Gateway

Consolidate disparate file transfer activity and facilities, making them easier to integrate with your internal systems.  

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IBM Secure Proxy

Secure and shield your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and internal servers.  

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IBM Control Center

Tracks the critical events across your B2B and managed file transfer infrastructure for improved operations, customer service and B2B governance.

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IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM)

Simplify business partner and supplier collaboration with this open, extensible SaaS-based solution that provides better visibility into activities, costs and performance.  

Related Solutions

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IBM Websphere MQ File Transfer Edition

Utilizes WebSphere MQ to transfer files over a messaging infrastructure.  

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IBM Aspera Enterprise File Sharing Suite

A collection of client server software and web applications for companies that need a fast, secure and easier way to share large files and data sets.