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Regardless of industry, business-to-business (B2B) integration is vital to the operation of most companies. At the most basic level, the B2B integration processes might consist of receiving an order over the phone or fax and then manually entering the information into an order management application. At the opposite end of the spectrum, integration can be completely automated, so only an exception can stop the process.

Because of this wide range of requirements, not all companies view B2B integration the same way. If you’re not operating a complex business, B2B integration might not be a significant part of your day-to-day operations. Even at companies where B2B integration is critical, the organization might be complacent or view it as just IT infrastructure. In that case, B2B integration projects often don’t get the budget and recognition they deserve.

Best-in-class companies recognize the value of B2B integration and even view it as a competitive differentiator. To modernize your B2B infrastructure and support future business growth, you need a strategy. IBM Supply Chain Business Network is an essential B2B platform you should consider as you evaluate options for modernizing your B2B architecture going forward.

Supply Chain Business Network Solutions

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 IBM Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN)

IBM Supply Chain Business Network provides a single, flexible B2B platform that supports most communication protocols, helps secure your B2B network and data and achieve high availability operations. 

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IBM Small Partner Automation

IBM Small Partner Automation solution eliminates paper-based transactions and manual processing of data by automating the transactions via webforms or document conversion. 

Related Solutions

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IBM Supply Chain Business Network Premium

Helps you manage your B2B processes, connecting with your trading partners to automate and digitize B2B document flows, and leveraging cognitive document correlation technologies to provide deep visibility into B2B transaction life cycles.

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IBM Supply Chain Business Network Visibility

Provides visibility into your supply chain B2B transactions, from technical track and trace through to AI-powered business visibility and insight.

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IBM Supply Chain Insights

Leverage cognitive technology, trained in supply chain, to provide comprehensive search, visibility and insights across the entire supply chain. With Supply Chain Insights, organizations can predict, assess and mitigate disruptions and risks and optimize the supply chain to deliver greater value to the business.